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We provide computer repair, network installation and support and telecommunications support for small to medium sized business in Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas (Clinton, Downtown, Karns, Louisville, Powell and more ).


Setup networks and secure networks (wired, wireless and VPN). We love to network!


Setup computers and transfer information off the old ones, recover lost data, speed up computers, remove viruses and protect them from future threats (but nothing, no 10 things protect you 100%), secure computers, password recovery.


We can help you setup a simple file server or database server on any Windows platform and I know some Linux as well 🙂
Databases – We can help speed up slow databases, help recover lost data, upgrade, set up on a server.


We can set up closed circuit TV cameras, network them and you can view them from any networked computer in your office! You can even view them from your home computer!


If you need to add a line or are having issues with poor quality we can help there.
Want to upgrade to a better phone system?
Need more features?
Need to save money on long distance? Who doesn’t love to save money?
Ip and Cellphones!
Faxes – We are getting into the idea of Internet Faxing if anyone still faxes.


We can help you set up and maintain a website for your business or businesses.

If your website is down, lost or you don’t know what happened to it. We can track it down (It happens, don’t ask me how but I know it happens)


We can help you setup your own domain with Email and attach it to your Gmail or yahoo Email account for a more professional look. We can also teach you how to send secure Emails. ( Sorry the notion of secure Emails is a pipe dream, kinda like unicorns or elves.)

Odd stuff

We can help with that too. Odd stuff is stuff no one else has a clue about. Especially specialty programs for small businesses. Rental company databases, programs for automobile dealerships, medical facility programs. Or whatever we are good at finding information.